Meet Eugeen

The friend that enhances your outing experience by giving you THE activities itinerary custom made for you. Stop wasting long hours by researching through infinite locations, restaurants, events and activities a city has to offer.


Just ask Eugeen!

Our story

So you just got to a city you’ve never traveled to before and now you are looking to make the most of your travel time. Time that is limited and hard-earned. You go through hundreds, maybe thousands of sites, reviews, friends suggestions, so on and so on…. You now look at your watch and an hour or more have easily passed. You go for whatever sounds good, but somehow end up disappointed. Or maybe you just finished work earlier than usual, wishing you can make the most out of your remaining time without going through the whole process of searching, planning and even worst yet, choosing what to do.

Does it sound familiar?

Finally Eugeen can help

Busy professionals, avid travellers, enthusiastic tourists and event junkies is what makes up our team. Born from the frustration experienced first-hand from the situation described above, Eugeen is excited to redefine how the way the “What Should I Do?” question be answered.


By asking the Eugeen mobile app, your personal assistant and outing friend, you will discover a new way to explore your day.

So what are you waiting for ?

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